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Due to the fact that each country operates different radio and telecommunication network, it becomes inevitable to regulate the import process of telecom, IT and radio equipment that will be connected to the public network to make sure its compatibility with the applicable local and adopted safety and technical regulations.

Type Approval is a collection of rules and processes applied by a related regulatory entity to register and identify a type of Radio/Telecom/IT product intended to be imported into the country for different reasons.

Type Approval certificates are mandatory in most countries and considered an integral part of Pre-Shipment release procedures at customs ports to facilitate import process and expedite release.

At MenAsia, we will be supporting our clients by hosting their type approval projects and get the ownership for the complete project life cycle in terms of identifying requirements, submission, follow-ups and receive certificates.

Since most of type approval certificates have validity, MenAsia, will keep you proactively alerted for your upcoming type approval renewal opportunities, so you can start engaging with OEMs and customers at early stages to allocate the required budget and increase your profitability!

Renewals are considered the most effective way of sustainable recurring income and the best way to keep close to your customers and earn more business!

In some countries, dealers and importers of radio and telecommunication equipment are required to register with Telecom Regulatory Authorities.

Registered importers and dealers will be required to assure that the imported released products operates without problems or harms to end users, as well to ensure consistent with the technical specs of the public network without effects or deviations from applicable standards.

MenAsia, will work on your behalf to fulfill all registration requirements and submit the dealer license to you. In addition, we will be notifying you of the expiry of your license to get it done in advance and make sure your trade operations will not be affected.

MenAsia, urge you to consult us for your technical concerns related to certain products, frequencies, modules or others…

Our dedicated team has a wealth experience in Hi-Tech verticals; this will help you to tailor the right solution for the right country in the best effective lead-time and packages!

MenAsia is a registered company in Bahrain intended to provide Global Market Access solutions including but not limited to commercial products and goods, telecom products, Homologation, IT and modular approvals across different countries.

At MenAsia, we strive to support our valued customers in obtaining approvals on their behalf, liaising with corresponding local and international authorities, and being acting as a trusted technical advisor to share thoughts and ideas with key stakeholders to simplify logistics, decrease incurred operations expenses and overcome market access barriers.